Jan 29


The 11:11 Awakening Code is well on its way to awakening souls all around the world. 2012 is our mission, and it’s one mission that we shall succeed to bring awareness.

We successfully managed to bring over 40 thousand souls to an event in 11 days for the 11:11:11 at 11 am/pm special World Meditation event on Facebook.

We hear our calling to create a group to bring us all together again, but this time we wish it to be much bigger than before! It’s time to gather everyone who wishes to join us with the amazing moment of truth, and to stand by our awakening code 11:11!

We welcome everyone who comes with a loving heart, and peace for one another and the Planet! It’s time to celebrate the NOW and the Future with Love.

This moment is perfect and your consciousness brought you here for this very special moment. We all have a part to pay, we all have personally missions to achieve, but the 11:11 mission is to change the frequency around the world with LOVE. You are here because you know what it is you need to do. We all have something to give back to Mother Earth and the people who are here.

We know that love is the only way to change the frequency on Planet Earth to prepare us all for 2012. We are awake, and we hear the message to stand together and UNITE as ONE!

11:11 Awakening Code Blog will be filled with awarness of what is happening month by month with special events made known to all. Keep in the flow of the divine energy that is here for all to embrace.

The important events you will be made aware of in advance.

Link to 11:11 Awakening Code for Facebook: