Feb 13
By Bruce Fenton:
That there is something special about certain numbers is a common theme throughout various cultures in the world. Seemingly with many of the people on Facebook we find the same numerical commonality. Whether a researcher is Russian, Egyptian, French or English they will come to the conclusion that certain numbers are important within the fabric of reality around us. More so by far than the infinite other numbers possible to speculate upon.

The numbers 11, 13 and 333 are the ones that have come up in my own research time and time again. Even more than that they have also been major parts of dozens of personal mystical synchronicity events, maybe even hundreds by now for people on-line. The article I wrote on 11 goes a long way to explaining why we should all be interested where this number is concerned. Equally though I could write on the other two special numbers.

Just for to quick examples, 13 is the number of witches required in a coven to perform highceremonial magic and 333 is the exact pattern to the recitation in the Buddhist refuge vow. There are dozens more like this of course.

What then is the meaning of all this numerology?
What is the point in it manifesting to us?
What does it mean for you and me?
What are we supposed to do about it?

Well we each have our own personal interpretations of these matters. The fabric of existence communicates with each person in ways with subtle or unsubtle differences. There is some general commonality of course in the subjects of these numbers.

My summary from my own limited understanding is that we are being firmly prodded by the intrinsic base consciousness of all existence around us. It is happening in such a way that it is allowed to be sensibly excepted as real if studied, but sensibly ignored if one is ignorant of the data. There always has to be free-will in the system. Humans are never forced to believe things even if they happen to be factual.

What we are being given would appear to be an urgent message, a vibrational wake up call. What we need to do is heed this and put its intention through analysis. If we reach the conclusion there is genuinely something huge about to occur imminently than we must make ready for it.

If ascension is real it makes no sense to assume it is an automatic process that will occur automatically for everyone. It seems sensible to assume that is some great opportunity is ahead it must be earned, prepared for by some initiations.

For the most part we have to work on our selves and make sure we live positive meaningful lives that serve our community. We must purify the mind and the expression of our being into 4D space-time. Following a sensible structured program of spiritual development is the logical way to go.

With love

Feb 13

So, to get down and dirty, what really is happening? And why on ‘Earth’ is it happening to us?


Well it’s not just us. It’s the entire Universe. Everywhere in this 3rd Dimension (the place where we reside currently), and many dimensions beyond are going through the same growing pains. Just like when you wake up and have a sore spot somewhere for a while.

The Universe itself is growing and growing constantly, and like every animal, human and creature that is ever-existing throughout the universe, it needs to EVOLVE. I’ll get into this more later on in this note.

As we draw closer and closer to 2012, things are happening all over the globe that can’t be explained, except for the ones spiritually aware.

Mother Earth is preparing herself for something she has been trying to do for a long time now.
She knows there is a better place, and can’t wait to get there. She is ready, and was ready since the year 2000. The only thing holding her back is our collective consciousness, or the human race’s one mind.

That not to say we suck, because we are just beginning to understand what forces are in play, and how to manipulate these forces for the better!

The Dark forces, known as Negative, scary beings who have no interest in the universal laws of LOVE, such as our past politicians and any other force that deliberately limits our freedom, have been working out their ways for thousands of years, and got their way up until the present day, limiting everything we do, and on top of not obeying the law, punishments, fines, things that destroy the human Being.

All negatives aside, it is for certain we have entered a New Age, labeled as the “Aquarian Age” by most people or “Golden Age” by spiritualists. What this entails is very interesting, because the ancients have predicted this event to occur thousands of years in advance, using only the stars and their divinity.

Our sun in the Milky Way takes 26,000 years to complete 1 revolution. This is how they named the Age’s.
December 21st, 2012 is their prediction. But what prediction? We don’t know for sure, but one aspect, which is absolutely true is that we will have left the Pisces’s age behind, which is OUR age we are currently in, and we will be entering the Golden Age.

However, getting back to what I said earlier about the Universe’s Evolution, to get it straight and clear as I can possibly make it; the Universe is, (from many divine sources) “Jumping up a notch”.

There are 11 dimensions in this Universe, with trillions and trillions of galaxies with just as many stars within each one. In different dimensions there are different laws than there are here (the 3rd and 4th dimensions, again is where we reside), which is why this gets a little more interesting.

When I stated that the Universe is “Jumping up a notch”, it is actually creating a brand new reality, known to psychics and the like as the new 12th dimension.
What this does is ‘yank’ all of the other dimensions and what resides in them up a level.
This is what is happening.

Ascension, ahh what a wonderful and mysterious word.
Ascension, is the raising of consciousness into a new reality, new dimension to experience and progress its life further to understand and learn more spiritually.
It also means a being experiences everything in its life it was destined to experience, and is willing to move on, thereby Ascending to the next Dimension.

Humans, and any other intelligent life out there, can Ascend at anytime.
We just need to learn how. However, ascending before 2012 is unlikely and will not allow you to take your physical body with you. Odd, yes, but interesting. We are not at peace or freedom, so therefore cannot move forward.

Mother Earth is being prepared for Ascension, but this one is different.
This is the only opportunity ever in history that we are able to take our very own physical bodies with us when we Ascend to the higher Dimension.

We call this dimension the 5th Dimension – free of form, and free of the laws that govern us in this reality. It is a host to many unknown life forms, many new rules to play with and experience with, and not to mention, absolute Freedom.

We all go there every night, either consciously or unconsciously to learn more and to experience freedom from our 3rd density reality.

In the year 2012, Mother Earth will Ascend, and take with her all of her inhabitants – if they so choose to – to the 5th Dimension or higher, wherever their soul desires. Before this takes place, we have tremendous work to do. We need to heal Mother Earth in a much more bigger and powerful way.

And all at the same time the Universe is creating a new reality called the 12th Dimension, thereby pulling things in the 3rd Dimension to the 5th or beyond, allowing us to live in total Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom.
Where all souls – deceased, alive, and ancient – all come together and meet you to congratulate you for your achievements.

Did I mention this reality is made of love? And so are all the other ones.

We are and will never be alone in anything we do. Who knows, maybe someday, our brothers from space will give us a helping hand to clean up the Earth!

Much love to you Dear ones,
Absolute unconditional Love.

Evan Owen

Feb 10

The Wave of Love and the movement of this energy is creating a change to our wonderful positive beautiful Planet Earth.

With this movement of love that is excelling itself at the speed of light, so is the wounderful 11:11 Awakening Code. Souls who you thought might not understand what is happening, are now starting to sense the change around the world that something is happening at a different level of understanding.

This is wonderful news to me as the oberver to all that I am experiencing, and hearing very recently from others who are awakening to is brilliant powers.

I really love watching video’s and youtube links to help me understand sujects on a different level. So today, I would love to share this great youtube link about 11:11 code. Some how, I think you will enjoy it as much as I did!

Continue to grow in abundance with truth, love and light, enjoy everyone, enjoy!

Love and Light