Feb 16

By Eric Steven Rankin, part two of three…

Eric’s novel “The Aquarians” weaves together information about 2012, the Age of Aquarius, the 11:11 Phenomenon, and some amazing research currently being done with dolphin ultrasonic imaging and communication.


The Age of Aquarius –

Astronomers throughout history have noted that different star-clusters (constellations) appear to circle the earth around its equator. This ring of constellations has been named many different things over time, but the term “Zodiac,” which literally means “circle of animals” is the one most commonly used today.

First and foremost, astronomical ages are measurements of time. As noticed by the Maya and modern astronomers alike, the rising sun of every year’s vernal equinox appears to ascend within the space of the same constellation for a period of roughly 2,100 years. Then, due to a slight wobble in earth’s rotation, the vernal equinox sun will rise within the boundaries of the next zodiac sign for another 2,100 years. This phenomenon is known as the precession of the equinox. The word “precession” is used because this sun/constellation relationship takes place in reverse order than what we are used to. For instance, two thousand years ago, the age of Aries was giving way to the age of Pisces, and now Pisces is shifting to the Age of Aquarius, which is the 11th sign of the zodiac.

This short explanation describes the astro-nomical mechanics of the zodiac, but we must also consider the astro-logical aspects as well, for these two studies have been interrelated since mankind’s first cosmological observations. In the course of studying star patterns and relationships, humanity has assigned certain macro-attributes to each age to mirror the micro-attributes observed in people born under each particular sign. Hence, many of the same descriptions used to identify a person born under Pisces (yearning for answers yet stuck in a state of mental rigidity) have been used to describe the Age of Pisces itself. Of course, all this leads to why the Age the Aquarius has been labeled as the age of yearning for harmony and universal truth: It simply represents an expanded view of the micro personality traits found here on earth.

And here is where an interesting connection begins to be made regarding 2012. As we know, this is when the Maya predicted that one era (which by their own records was earmarked with visions of war and darkness) would end and the beginning of a new era (which must be something different than the old) would occur. In this context, it is startling to note that the peace-centered Age of Aquarius will begin within the same general time-frame in which the Mayan calendar ends. In fact, modern Mayan shamans now refer to this “new age” as Itza, and many of them are quick to point out that the Age of Aquarius and Itza are closely related prophetic visions of the same future.

There can be no denying that we are feeling the influence and pull of the new age of Aquarius. In fact, the very term “new age,” whether it is used to define a type of music or spiritual belief system, has always been a direct reference to the new Age of Aquarius. And while it may be argued as to when Aquarius will officially begin, this is a moot point because there is no “official” start date to the coming age. The fact that humanity is being drawn into an expanding age of enlightenment, knowledge, connectivity and global cooperation seems to be proof enough that Aquarius has begun.